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Ruck Protocols (Beginner + Advanced)
Ruck Protocols (Beginner + Advanced)

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We believe that every man should be able to accomplish a few tasks. Run a 6-minute mile, do 25 dead hang pull-ups, start a fire, change a tire, tie a tie, chop wood and 100 push-up in under 2 minutes. . This program is to build your conditioning to be able to do 4 miles in under an hour while carrying 35 lbs.


It seems like a simple enough concept: simply throw on a weighted backpack and start walking. Right? Why would you need a program for that?


Ruck marching is far different from regular weighted walking or running. It’s a very uniquely challenging form of training that will bring your endurance and athleticism to a whole new level.

The Benefits of Ruck Training Include:

  • Provides a combination of cardiovascular training and resistance training, leading to an Increased calorie burn that you would get from other forms of exercise.

  • Improves muscle stamina, especially when performed in a methodical manner that is properly programmed

  • Challenges your mental strength during training because of the added difficulty of the ruck pack.

  • Strengthening your entire body in a unique way that helps to prevent injury from sports and other training.

This program is designed to sit on top of your current training program. Continue with your other training program and use this as a supplemental training to vastly improve your ability to traverse distance while carrying load. That training regiment should include squats & deadlifts as well other strength and conditioning components. By ensuring your training regiment includes those components it will better set you up for success in accomplishing this task.

*The BEGINNER program is designed to build your strength & conditioning to be able to do 4 miles in under an hour while carrying a 35lb pack.

*The ADVANCED program is deisgned to build your strength & conditioning to be able to do 10 miles in 2.5 hours with a 45lb pack.


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