Living Like A Ghost of Your Former Self?

Discover How This Special Operations Veteran Transformed His Life...

…And How You Can do it Too!

This effective approach combines my 12 years of Special Operations experience and 10+ years of experience building several multi-million dollar companies…

While developing strong, life-long relationships with friends, my wife, and kids.

And if you're like any of the men inside this special group, you may see results in the first week!

More Men Need The Phase Lines Approach In Their Lives Today

So I took all my years of Special Operations experience...

Life lessons...

And business lessons...

And created the The Agoge Mentorship Program.

Here's How The Program Works

The Agoge Mentorship group is a monthly subscription where I share my experience and resources for YOU to improve in all areas of your life.

This program is for men who want to accomplish the goals they've been putting off for "tomorrow" in just 90 days (or less)...

Meaning all of your "dreams" will be broken down into realistic goals.

Then I'll personally help you turn your goals into a concrete task with an active "phase line approach."

And I'll personally hold you accountable and give you tough love if you f*ck up or aren't trying your hardest...

And I won't be the only one doing this.

So will the other men inside the The Agoge Mentorship Group.

We'll hold your feet to the fire...

Just like how your brothers in arms used to be.

So if you're stuck or struggling with your relationship, parenting, your business, or starting a business, then you have found the right place.

We're going to work together to make the life you've been daydreaming about into reality.

Here's What You'll Get When You Join:

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Zoom Sessions Discussing Goals, Plans and Wins

Access to Restricted Members

Only Team Room - Private Access for Your Class Only

The Agoge Work Journal

Custom Designed To Help Break Down Each Goal

Exclusive Content

Weekly "Master Class" Style Videos With Business, Networking, and Marketing Topics

Live Events for Members Only

Link Ups in Bigger Cities with VIP Access

Nick's Personal Library

Relevant Books, Podcasts, and Videos I'm Currently Watching

So before you even think about joining, let me tell you what the The Agoge Mentorship Group is all about.

This may trigger a few folks, but it's the truth about other men's groups.

I understand having faith is important.

It's a non-negotiable core value of mine.

But I hate how other men groups leave men "out to dry" when they face challenges.

They say...

"Give it to God."

"Leave it to God."

"Have trust in the Lord. It's his plan."

None of that is helpful. 

These guys are asking for help, and you're giving him zero tools other than just letting it go.

Like, what the hell?

So the whole point of this group is ACTION.

Like my mentor says, "Action alleviates anxiety."

So with The Agoge Mentorship.. 

We'll Give You An Action Plan For You To Overcome Your Obstacles And Struggles

We'll identify what's the root cause, create a plan of attack, and then execute.

This ain't some kumbaya f*cking sit around, smoke your piece pipe, and talk about the universe.

No man.

We're talking about f*cking work.

What can we do in our day? What time do we wake up? The date nights, putting in the effort as a father, making, moving the money needle.

That's what this group is about.

So if this doesn't work for you, awesome!

I wish you all the best, my friend.

And if this seems like the place for you, let's go!

Together we'll help you achieve 1 year of goals in 90 days.

You'll Be Backed By Our the agoge Guarantee

If you follow everything to the "T", show up for the calls, and put in the work...

And this program doesn't help you move your life forward.

Tell us.

My team will issue you a full refund for your monthly membership.

How To Get Into the agoge Mentorship

Alright, let's talk about how you can get into The Agoge Mentorship.

It's $99 a month.

That price to invest in yourself doesn't matter.

It's irrelevant compared to how your life will transform in the next 90-days using the Phase Lines Approach and paired with the The Agoge Community having your back.

So if you have to think about it...

Talk to your wife...

Or wondering if you can afford it...

Let me ask you this...

How can you still afford to sit on the sidelines and watch other men live the life you deserve?

How can you still afford to live your life without a purpose?

How can you still afford to not be the hero your kids see you as?


Listen, man.

You know I'm right.

And the little voice talking in your head knows it.

Otherwise, you wouldn't have read this far, and would be scrolling through social media aimlessly.

This Program Is For Any Man Who Knows He's Meant To Do More, Be More, And Earn More

I can't guarantee you'll get where you want alone.

But what I can guarantee 90 days from now...


7 days from now.

No... a few hours from now…

You'll be in the same spot you're in right NOW.

Money comes and goes like the wind.

You're gonna spend it on other things.

So what's the difference?

So why not invest in yourself so you can become the man you were supposed to be?

That Man Is Calling Out To You… Even Right Now

Yet you're faced with 3 choices:

Ignore your call for purpose... and continue living the way you do.

Lone wolf it... which will take longer than you think.  And after a few weeks, you'll probably return to this page.

Join The Agoge Mentorship program today... So you can transform your family's future in the next 90 days.

You're just one decision away from changing your family's future for better or worse.

I don't want you to think back on this and feel regret.

So I can't make it for you.

I made mine a while ago.


You're just one decision away from changing your family's future for better or worse.

I don't want you to think back on this and feel regret.

So I can't make it for you.

I made mine a while ago.

All you have to do is: Follow the step-by-step approach I've laid out here.

That's it.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

That's The Only Thing Separating You From Living Like A Man On Fire

And that's a promise, my friend.

And as you're about to see right before your eyes...

If you put in the work...

Say "no" to the habit of letting yourself down...

And let The Agoge Mentorship Group support you...

So you can get the results like the other men I've helped.

Otherwise, no matter how good this approach and group is - it just won't work.

Look, brother...

I Can Put The Target In Your Sights... But It's You Who Pulls The Trigger.

And right now, the life you want to live is in your crosshairs.

Do you see the button below?

Tap it.

Because that's your ticket out of here.

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