He won $1,000 in October

He won $1,000 in October

December 27, 2021 1 Comment

Meet John (he's a 45-year-old dad).

He won the $1,000 grand cash prize for the best transformation in the October Agoge Challenge.

In 30-days, he went from dad body to father figure. Look at his transformation:

He lost just under 15lbs, 10%+ body fat, and a total of 16.7 inches in 1 month! That's like 2 lbs a day!

John was a bit skeptical when he first signed up.

But his skepticism disappeared after he started seeing his muscle get more chiseled, and felt his pants fit him looser.
See what John said after finishing the challenge:

"This program is awesome and foolproof. Everything gets laid out for you and your diet gets customized according to your goals. All you have to do is commit and follow the program!"

He isn't the only one we’ve helped go from dad bod to father figure.
The Agoge 30-day Challenge has helped over 1,539 people:


• Look like they belong on a fitness magazine cover

• Replace round faces with sharp jawlines.

• And melt off stubborn belly fat that's packed on slowly over the years.

The reason I'm telling you all this is that I wanted to personally invite you to our upgraded Agoge 30-day Challenge starting on January 1st.

Like John said, this challenge is a foolproof way to scotch off inches of pure body fat. 

And then replace it with lean, eye-catching muscle.

Because we're about to start 2022, you can join the Agoge 30-day Challenge for 70% off.

When you join, an entire tribe of like-minded people will be ready to support you.
And you'll have 2 Marine Raiders to hold you accountable. 

(AKA: Give you the extra push you need to destroy any walls, or mental roadblocks that have stopped you in the past.)

Plus, you'll be entered to win our cash prize giveaway like John did.
If this sounds like something fun, and challenging to do, join the Agoge 30-day Challenge.

We only have a few spots left, and I'd love to see you in the tribe.

>>> Replace stubborn fat with eye-catching muscle with the Agoge 30-Day Challenge

It'll only be 70% off for a limited time.
See you there,

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Linda Jones
Linda Jones

December 27, 2021

I’m 58, 143 lbs, 5’6” healthy and have cellulite and do not like my body any more. I’m wondering what equipment I’ll need. Looking to feel better about myself.

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