STOP doing these things and START doing these!

🚨LISTEN MEN!! 🚨We have allowed ourselves to become WEAK! To live by others rules. 

🛑 Stop giving in to your inner bitch!

✅ Start feeding your inner BEAST!

🛑 Stop seeking pleasure in booze, drugs, porn, gambeling, and whatever self destructive hole you are digging in your own yard!

✅ Start living a life of purpose, of service, and of value!

🛑 Stop getting FAT!! No, the #dadbod is not acceptable. 

✅ Start getting in badass shape! Set the example for your tribe!

🛑 Stop limiting your beliefs of what you can accomplish. Don’t let your past traumas define what you are capable of!

✅ Start believing that you can be the husband you know you’re suppose to be. The father that you need to be. That you can make the money to provide for your tribe, and that you can have the body of a father figure. 

🛑 Stop pouring your money, time, and energy into things that don’t give your a positive RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

✅ Start investing in things that make YOU better. When you become fitter, smarter, more emotionally intelligent it will bleed over to all areas of your life. 

⏳TICK TOCK! Time is running out. The life clock is ticking away. You going to keep living groundhogs day or start living YOUR life, moving the needle in a positive direction each day. 

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December 12, 2023

Haha, how about yall START DOING THESE THINGS:
-provide customer service to the people who bought your program
-check your emails\
-listen to voicemails
-perhaps respond to those multiple multiple emails/voicemails

-saying you’re going to help people when the people behind this program cant even be bothered to communicate with people who paid THOUSANDS to be helped by you.

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