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One of the most common questions we get from anyone who comes across us is whether or not we're a scam.

To me this is weird.

Because would I have served 12 years in the military as a marine to create these programs?

Would I have written a book about my time in the military as a Raider and my transition out?

Would I share my struggles with my marriage, kids, health both mentally and physically if I was a scam?

My guess, that's a f*ck no.

Cause here's the truth about me...

(I'm finally REVEALING it all.)

Since we've released our first program, we've had thousands of people use it to transform their lives.

And not only for themselves but...

For their wives...


And kids.

Do these look like "scammy" results?

Jacob A. lost a whopping 27 lbs! He went from 227 lbs to 200 lbs:

Ben B. melted off 12 lbs. He went from 207 lbs to 195 lbs:

Mark R. dropped 22 lbs. He went from 242 lbs to 220 lbs:

There are folders on the good ole internet that has more transformations like the ones you just saw.

Point is, these programs work but...

They only work if YOU put in the work.

Imagine no longer feeling like a caged prisoner to bad habits. Like bad sleep, alcohol, and fast food.

Imagine reigniting the fire under your ass to go after your goals you've been putting off for god knows how long.

Imagine having more energy than you had 10 years ago so...

You can play with your kids...

Take your spouse on dates as if you just started dating again...

Or how to live a long and healthy life without ever being a burden to your family.

So here's the deal...

During this Black Friday sale, you can get any program we've created for 50% OFF today. This is the lowest price you'll ever see.

Now here's the real reason why we're having this Black Friday sale. We'll donate a portion of the proceeds to The Raider Project.

The Raider Project connects MARSOC/USMC Combat Veterans with other veterans to help them transition smoothly, peacefully, and successfully into the private sector.

With this Black Friday sale, you're not only getting our best-selling training programs for up to 50% OFF but... 

You're also helping MARSOC/USMC Combat Veterans.

>>> Get 50% OFF our best-selling Agoge Training programs and help MARSOC/USMC Combat Veterans (Black Friday Sale)


Never Quit, Never Surrender, Always Forward!

-Nick Koumalatsos

P.S. And if that's not enough, this Black Friday sale couldn't get any better...

If you want the whole ENCHILADA (get every single program we’ve created in one go) for 60% OFF today…

>>> Get the WHOLE ENCHILADA for 60% OFF (Black Friday Sale)

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