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12 Week Ruck Protocol (Beginner)
12 Week Ruck Protocol (Beginner)

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We believe that every man should be able to accomplish a few tasks. Run a 6-minute mile, do 25 dead hang pull-ups, start a fire, change a tire, tie a tie, chop wood and 100 push-up in under 2 minutes. . This program is to build your conditioning to be able to do 4 miles in under an hour while carrying 35 lbs.

This program is designed to sit on top of your current training program. Continue with your other training program and use this as a supplemental training to vastly improve your ability to traverse distance while carrying load. That training regiment should include squats & deadlifts as well other strength and conditioning components. By ensuring your training regiment includes those components it will better set you up for success in accomplishing this task.

Why a 35 lbs pack?

Well,35 lbs is the average pack weight for 3 days of essentials. That includes your pack, clothes, emergency/ first aid materials, food, water and miscellaneous items.

Can this weight vary?

Yes, of course. Is this weight a must? No, nothing every is. However, it is a good standard to train and prepare yourself for.

Before you start this program test yourself a couple of days prior. Pack your ruck and set out on the objective to traverse 4 miles of terrain carrying 35 lbs in under 1 hour.

If you can complete this task already, then good on you. Utilizing this program will help you to improve your time. If not, then have no fear. After these 12 weeks you will be more than prepared to complete this task


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