What to do TODAY for a better tomorrow

What to do TODAY for a better tomorrow

July 27, 2020

Daily reflection to ensure growth for tomorrow. 

As each day passes I ensure to reflect on the moments that have passed. I look back at the day in order to more effectively set up the pathway to the future. I strive to not get down on my doings or shortfalls rather I strive to evaluate them for future success. This is how a full self-evaluation process happens. Planning, execution, reflection. 

Speaking on reflection I set up a routine to capstone my day. I begin by looking back on my morning routine and plan. 

Did my day reflect my objectives?
Did I execute as I wanted? 
If not why?
If so, how did it go?
What did I do well?
What can I improve upon?
What did I do for myself?
What did I do for someone else?

Now, this can be journaled through pen and paper, talked through in your mind, or spoken out loud with others. The key is, that again it takes place. I do a combination. I take moments through the day, minor reflective pauses if you shall, so the end of the day can be capstone even more effectively. At times I write my note pad on my iPhone. Most of the time I reflect on the notepad and discuss it with my wife. It’s conversational, not robotic, and aimed at positivity. 

After this, it’s time for “mindless" enjoyment. I think this portion of the night is just as important if not more than the rest. There is no agenda, desired outcome, plan, or process. My wife and I just have fun being with one another. It may be a movie, laughter, or funny videos from the internet but for sure it’s not working or planning rather the enjoyment of one another. It’s a purposeful release into ourselves and one another. If you do not have a significant other then its time for yourself to be free and enjoy. 

Life is about balance. Funny thing is, it will never be achieved, however, we have the power to constantly weight the scales to do so. Again we plan, execute, and reflect. During reflection, we reevaluate and replan. Consistency in this process creates routine, a routine creates a habit and through habits, we receive an outcome. It is up to us to predetermine that outcome. 

- Josh Honsberger

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