The Internal Journey of Weight Loss

The Internal Journey of Weight Loss

October 25, 2021

The Internal Journey of Weight Loss

Throughout my years of training in The Agoge, I have transformed from a 300-pound human being who lived a sedentary lifestyle with horrible nutrition and zero self-accountability, to a 195-pound human being who embraces a lifestyle of fitness, purpose, good nutrition, and daily self-accountability.  

When I’ve seen colleagues, friends, and family recently there were consistent comments of “You look like you’re half the man you were!”  

My typical response to this is, “Half the man on the outside, but twice the man on the inside.” And to this, I usually get quizzical looks.  

Most people who see the obvious external weight loss and transformation have no idea of how much more of a transformation occurred within the mind of the person.  

For me, before joining The Agoge, I lived a life where good nutrition wasn’t a priority.

Let’s be honest, it was non-existent. Neither was physical fitness or self-accountability.  

If I wanted fast food or soda or chips, I just indulged, regardless of the physical impact on my body.  

On pizza nights, when most people have one or two slices, I had to have four or five. And I would never eat until I was full, I would eat until I was stuffed.  

Bad nutrition aside, I equally put little thought into exercise. Living that type of life, knowing full well that it will lead you to an early grave, has dramatic mental ramifications on an individual. Like not feeling comfortable in a room with others because you are stuffing yourself into a 3XL shirt.  

Or having to wear layers and baggy clothes in the hot summer months because you are embarrassed by your appearance.  

Or not knowing if you are going to live long enough to see your kids get married or grow old with your spouse.  

These are all things I dealt with mentally alone because I was too “tough” to open up to anyone and ask for help. So, I walked down this road alone, knowing I had brought myself there, and that it would ultimately kill me.  

Then I met Nick and Josh and discovered The Agoge.  

They basically told me, we’ll give you the tools, we’ll kick your ass when you need it, but ultimately you own your journey.  

Your success or failure rests on you putting in the work and holding yourself accountable every day, or not and walking down the same path you are now.  

Hearing those words triggered something in my mind. If I had brought myself to this low point in my life, both mentally and physically, then I could surely bring myself to a new higher point. So I did just that.  

I embraced the mindset of consistency builds discipline which builds consistency which builds discipline, etc. Every day I put solid behaviors in place, small building blocks for routines, and clean eating which led to daily, weekly, and monthly consistent execution.  

I held myself accountable every day. Held myself to a higher standard than anyone else possibly could. It turned me into a better father, a better husband, a better man, and an all-around better human.  

And more importantly, it healed and strengthened the mental impact of my previous lifestyle. It made me stronger internally, or like I said, twice the man on the inside.  

Everyone has internal demons and struggles they have to face.  

These were mine.  

But taking ownership, putting in the work, and holding myself accountable for both my actions and inactions was game-changing in my life.  

It literally saved me and gave me a stronger purpose.  


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