The Agoge

Includes the eBook version of our 12 Week training prep of USMC and Marine Raider prep programs.

  • Progressionary Training.

  • Movement Principles.

  • Understanding Marine Corps Standards.

  • Prepping for your PFT, CFT, and Swim Qual.

  • Swimming Techniques.

  • Direct Contact with Josh & Nick to assist you through training.

  • Access to Private Facebook Community.

  • Diet and Sleep Protocols.

  • Recovery Protocols.

  • Exclusive Workout Content/Videos.

  • Workout Calendar.

  • Exclusive Content, Live Chats.

Josh and Nick have worked with the NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program (TSAC) to develop a program to prepare you not just to participate in Marine Corps Basic Training but max out your potential while you are there. Being a Marine is about being the best that you can be so that means the bare minimum standards are just not good enough. These programs are a step-by-step process will lay out the steps to improve your performance in order to achieve the title Marine and Marine Raider.