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Stronger Muscles in 8 Weeks
Stronger Muscles in 8 Weeks

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In order to consistently increase strength, you must follow a progressive, thought-out training program that is designed to do so.

This is an 8-week progressive, strength-training program that is designed to get you STRONG! We’ve designed this FULL-BODY strength program using tried and true training methodologies that will keep your workouts varied, effective and fun, without wasting your time! These workouts are SIMPLE, easy to follow and EFFICIENT - you’ll be able to get in and out of the gym in 60mins or less.

This program is going to push your limits and test not only your physical strength, but your mental strength as well. It won’t be easy, but if you stick to the program you WILL see some serious strength gains! You’ll never wander through your workout wondering why you aren’t lifting more than you were a few months ago, or even a few weeks ago.

(All weight recommendations that are laid out in this program are to be based on a 3 Repetition Max (3RM). This 3RM should be known and found prior to beginning this program).

Training days are laid out as DAYS, without rest days incorporated - therefore this ‘8-week’ guide will likely last you much longer than 8 weeks. I recommend a training schedule of 2-3 days on, followed by 1 day off, or an active rest day. But get through it as you can with your own schedule.


Basic Equipment You’ll Need Access To:

  • Barbell & Plates

  • Dumbbells

  • Basic Bands or TRX

  • Cable Machine

  • Kettlebell (Can always sub this for a Dumbbell if needed)


Sample Workout - Back:

  • Deadlift - 8 x 3 (@ no more than 75%) - 2 min rest between each set

  • 50 Pull-Ups

  • Bent Over Row - 3 x 6

  • (Finisher Circuit) 3 x 12:

    • Seated Lat Pull-Down

    • Dumbbell Row

    • Kettlebell Swing


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