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No Excuses 20-Min Training and No Excuses Nutrition Bundle
No Excuses 20-Min Training and No Excuses Nutrition Bundle

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This program is designed to take away any excuses we might have not to be able to train... Minimal equipment, no equipment, traveling, short on time, stuck at home, kids, etc. etc.

We all have 20 minutes, or at least can MAKE 20 minutes to work out a few times a week.

Progress is about consistency, if you consistently make 20 minutes a day for yourself to do this training, you will not only progress along your fitness journey, but you will also see progress in other areas of your life - your physical fitness and health affects EVERYTHING else. 

All training days are programmed for 20 min. However, during some of the training days you might not be able to complete the work in the prescribed time (yet). This is okay and designed to be difficult. Keep at it! You'll get there. 

This program can be done on its own or mixed into your other training routine for shorter, intensive workouts when you have less time to get it in, or life throws you a wrench.

These 20 minutes are designed for you, for you to push yourself to be better and leave NO EXCUSES!

This Guide is to be a simple one that teaches you the basics of nutrition whether you want to lose weight or put on muscle. This is to guide you to strip away the noise and confusion and start eating better that aligns with your goals. A lot of times we are overcomplicating things and worrying about little bitty nuances when the big picture and consistency are not even there.

Get started today! 


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No Excuses Nutrition Guide