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Build Bigger Muscles in 12 Weeks
Build Bigger Muscles in 12 Weeks

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If you want to GROW, this is your guide to do it in the most efficient way possible, with workouts that are intentional, thought-out, constantly varied and FUN!

This program is a FULL BODY hypertrophy-based program designed to create new muscle, induce muscle growth and, ultimately, increase strength as well. These workouts are SIMPLE, and EFFICIENT, taking approximately 45-60mins to complete. This program is going to help you lay the proper foundation for your body and muscles through a combination of volume training, functional movements, circuit training, light cardio days, along with traditional bodybuilding style workouts.

(All percentages that are laid out in this program are to be based on a 5RM. This 5RM should be a known 5RM found prior to beginning this program).

This is a full 12-week training program. However, training days are laid out as DAYS. That being said, this program is going to last you a lot longer than just 12 weeks because rest days are not included - as you progress through this program take recovery days as needed. (I recommend a routine of 3 or 4 days on, followed by 1 day off) - Pick up where you left off and continue through the program.


Basic Equipment You’ll Need Access To:

  • Barbell & Plates

  • Dumbbells

  • Basic Bands

  • Cable Machine

  • Access to form of cardio equipment (Treadmill, Assault Bike, Rower, Jump Rope or the ability to walk outside)


Sample Workout - Legs:

  • Back Squats - 10x10 (60 seconds rest between sets)

  • (Circuit) 4 x 12:

    • Dumbbell RDL

    • Leg Extensions

    • Leg Curls


Sample Workout - Chest:

  • Bench Press - 10x10 (60s rest between sets)

  • (Superset) 4 x 10:

    • Flat Dumbbell Bench Pres

    • Flat Dumbbell Fly

  • (Circuit) 4 x 10:

    • Push Ups

    • Explosive Banded Alternating Chest press

    • Dumbbell Side Raises


If you’re ready to start seeing real results & real growth - this is your guide to getting where you want to be!


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