Welcome To The Agoge Crucible.

Watch This Video First And Then Read Thoroughly Through This Page.

We, the mentors and tribe of graduates of The Agoge Crucible, commend you for investing in your own growth.

In today's society, too many men ignore their call to greatness, shying away from leadership, purpose, and duty. Consequently, their families, finances, and mental well-being pay the price.

The Agoge Crucible is a 48-hour intensive experience engineered to challenge you on every front—mentally, physically, and emotionally—unlocking your untapped potential.

This isn't just an event; it's a full-on immersive journey where you'll live, train, and evolve alongside some of the nation's most accomplished men.

The Agoge Crucible doesn't pull punches. It's confrontational, direct, and designed to ruthlessly expose your weaknesses and transform them into pillars of strength, making you a more confident and competent man.

The experience is not for the faint of heart. Physically exhausting, mentally grueling, and emotionally draining—only the committed will see it through to the end. 

Finishing the Crucible isn't just an achievement; it's your initiation into a tribe where your evolution as a leader, husband, father, and entrepreneur never stops.

The Agoge tribe is an exclusive circle of men committed to mutual growth through support, accountability, and networking. These are men who refuse to settle for average and are hell-bent on dominating life.

We trust you'll stick with it, graduate, and join this exceptional group of men. Stay the course, and become the warrior you're meant to be.


The Agoge Crucible is a 48-hour all-encompassing experience for men dead set on shattering self-limiting beliefs and stepping up in every facet of their lives—faith, family, fitness, and finances.

This is a unique ordeal. Expect to be put through the wringer both mentally and physically while also diving deep emotionally throughout the course. And once you graduate, you'll be expected to uphold the Agoge code of conduct—every single day.

Trust us—we've got your best interests at heart.

Around 50% of the Crucible leans on physical prowess. You'll be moving, you'll be stressed, and you'll be pushed to your limits for the majority of the time. So, if you think this is a walk in the park, think again.

Your safety? That's on you. We do our part, but you're responsible for your well-being. If you're injured and can't continue, you need to speak up. Keep in mind that if you can't complete an exercise, that might mean you're out. But we'll make adjustments where possible, or you can roll over to the next available class if you're pulled for medical reasons.

Stick to the preparation guidelines we provide—nutrition, recovery routines, general health, and fitness protocols. If you do, you'll be well-equipped to meet the Crucible's physical demands.

The remaining 50% of your time is spent in the classroom. You're not just here to sweat; you're here to learn. We cover leadership training, provide constant feedback, and delve into strategies that build not just a strong body, but a fortified mind. The whole point is that you know who you are, what you are made of and have a clear vision of what your life is going to look like for the next year. 

Total immersion is the name of the game—no emails, no calls, no distractions. You're off the grid for the duration. Special treatment for outside communications? Forget it. That said, we do provide an emergency contact, and if something urgent comes up, we'll handle it on a case-by-case basis.

Commit to this, and you'll emerge a different man. Are you ready, warrior?






You will be provided with a training protocol leading up to The Agoge Crucible -- this programming is designed to challenge you mentally and physically and prepare you for the evolutions within the Crucible.

We strongly encourage you to stick to the training, complete the exercises to the best of your ability, ask questions if you need clarity.

As with any new exercise program please allow yourself adequate time to adjust to the workouts, take time to recover and stretch and make sure you are eating properly to fuel your progress.

• You will be receiving an invitation to download the Agoge App.

• Follow the workouts as scheduled.


We strongly encourage you to follow a nutrition program prior to The Agoge Crucible -- this will maximize your energy and effectiveness inside The Agoge Crucible experience.

The Agoge Crucible is VERY physically demanding and following a proper nutrition program prior to joining us will radically improve your chances of successful completion, prevent injury and help you recover.

General Guidelines:

• Eat 1 gram of protein for EVERY pound of desired body weight per day.

• Example: if you want to weigh 180 pounds -- eat 180 grams of protein.

• Eat Frequently and lighter meals.

• You will be moving -- do not train your body to eat heavy meals, eat light, stay light.

• Drink One Gallon of Water per day leading up to The Agoge Crucible.

• If you have a hard time drinking water try our sugar free vitamin enhanced super water EVERYDAY FIT -- packed full of vitamins and minerals that aid in recovery this is a perfect way to stay hydrated and repair muscles during training

• Increase calorie and carbohydrate intake the Monday BEFORE your class.

• Similar to how a marathon runner will “carb load” prior to a race -- increase calories the day before The Agoge Crucible.

• Hydrate with an electrolyte drink and eat a healthy breakfast the morning of.

If you need to LOSE weight…

We suggest you follow a protocol that increases your protein and lowers your sugar, carbohydrates and fat intake -- the lighter you are during9 The Crucible -- the less weight you have to carry around.

We’ve created a simple, proven and easy to implement program that has worked, so don’t over complicate things.


• Complete the Discovery Survey Click here to access the survey!

• Purchase the 6 mandatory books; Outwitting the Devil, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Wild at Heart, Man up, Excommunicated Warrior, The Alchemist

• Attend the weekly Live Zoom Call with Instructor Byron Ovenstone. Every Wednesday, 5:30am PST: 


• Access Trainerize (Workout software) An email invitation will be sent to you

• Start Training for The Agoge Physical Fitness Test 

When Should Participants Plan to Arrive/Leave (for flight arrangements)?

I would say Thurs. night or Friday morning . . .

Participants will be picked up from the Hampton Inn, Sneads Ferry at 4:00 p.m. Friday 

What Should Participants Bring?


  • ONE SUITCASE ONLY (Exceptions for international or extended stay attendees) - **LABELED WITH First Initial and Last name

  • ONE OUTFIT of Appropriate clothing for North Carolina  this time of year

    ​Identification - License or Passport (Stays in Electronic Bag)


  • ​Clear Ziplock Bag for Electronics or Prescribed Medications / Vitamins - ** LABELED WITH First Initial and Last name. For Medications, on a piece of paper, list the reasons why you would need to take it throughout the program

  • ​Clear Ziplock Bag for Electronics or Prescribed Medications / Vitamins - ** LABELED WITH First Initial and Last name. For Medications, on a piece of paper, list the reasons why you would need to take it throughout the program

  • ​1 plain white crew neck shirts

  • ​2 pair black athletic shoes that are comfortable for all types of exercise

  • ​1 pair of black sweatpants, no visible logos

  • 1 black sweatshirt, no hood, no visible logos

  • ​3 pairs of black mesh shorts, no visible logos make sure they can get wet, dirty, and have pockets, they should fall within 4 inches of your knee.

  • ​6 pair of plain black socks

  • 1 outfit for graduation dinner, could be board shorts and tank top, or jeans and a hoodie depending on time of year. 

  • NOTE: If you are bringing anything other than what is listed above, you must confirm with info@theagoge.com

The Agoge: Physical Training Test (PFT)

• This is the basic requirement that you must pass Day 1 of the Crucible

Click here for proper form and sequence of the The Agoge PFT


• Book a room for Thursday night only at Hampton Inn Sneads Ferry 1248 State Hwy 210, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460 

 • You will be staying at the Crucible Compound from Friday - Monday (Checking out Monday morning)

• Recommended Airport: Wilmington International (ILM), or Jacksonville, NC (OAJ), - both of these airports are within 30 minutes of Holly Ridge. You can fly into RDU (Raleigh Durham)  however, it’s about a 2.5-hour drive from there to Holly Ridge and the rental car situation can be questionable. 

• Transportation from the airport to the hotel is not included



• 3pm: Meet in front of 1248 State Hwy 210, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460 - A Junior Instructor and Medic will meet you to take your vitals

• After vitals, take this time to eat and hydrate

• 4pm: Crucible Starts - Meet in the front of Hampton Inn (Bring your belongings) Transportation to the crucible Compound will be provided


• At 3pm on Friday, please arrive in the following attire; Black sneakers, black socks, black shorts and white shirt

• Please place all your valuables in a large freezer ziplock bag with your first name and last name. Do not leave valuables in your car, we are not responsible for damage or theft to vehicles/contents


• This is not a quitting event. However, if you choose not to continue you will explain so to the head instructor.

• You will be asked to take off the Crucible shirt and leave all Crucible gear on-site

• You will give the medic the “ok” verbally stating you are healthy and in a good mindset

• You will be treated with respect

• You will collect all your personal items and be driven to the Hampton Inn in Sneads Ferry “your cost”

• You will NOT be refunded

• You can return if you repay

• You will not speak of The Agoge Crucible.

IF YOU ARE MEDICALLY DROPPED: Medics deem you unfit to continue

• You must be cleared to leave by the medics before you can leave

• You will have up to 2 classes to return unless the medical injury dictates a longer duration


All questions regarding the Crucible should be sent to info@theagoge.com