In Our Last Challenge, We Lost 386 Inches and 558lbs Between Us! Only 200 Spots Available. Don't Miss Out!


When the challenge is completed, and you’ve…

Woken up the warrior inside of you that gets out of bed and moves with a purpose…

Uncovered newfound energy to attack life and never settle for mediocrity again...

Have confidence and trust in yourself to go after your goals and overcome any obstacle…

We’ll hand-pick the Agoge Challenge Winners who will receive our “Fitness Stimulus Package”…

1st Place Winner: $1,000.00

2nd Place Winner: $500.00

3rd Place Winner: $250.00

We’d like you to start off the year with a win and some extra cash in your pocket.

"Y’all I am blown away at how quick and what kind of results you can get when you optimize your nutrition and consume the correct and right amounts of food. I just finished up my 2nd Agoge 30 day challenge and once again was able to win and produce some incredible numbers! I lost 21lbs, 18 inches, and 5% body fat!!! I am a 45yr old asthmatic, cancer survivor, married with 4 kids, and a full time job. If I can do it so can you! The next Agoge Challenge Starts March 1st and if you are in need of that extra push or maybe could use some coaching and accountability I highly recommend signing up! All you need to do is plug into their program, trust the process, do the work, and you will get results!" - John Mark K. Age, 45yrs





“I did my time, I put in the work, and I served my country - what's going on? She left me with 2 sons, I’m 400 lbs., and use a cane to walk!”

My little brother, Chris exclaimed this over the phone. And just like that on a Saturday night, he became a 28-year-old single father.

Hi my name is Nick Koumalatsos, and I’m a former Special Operations Marine Raider.

In the next few moments I’m going to tell you a miraculous story of how my little brother went from 400 lbs. relying on a cane to walk to running around with his kids.

Not long after his service with the Army National Guard, my brother let himself go.

He self-medicated with food, prescription drugs and alcohol. It was his way of coping with losing his friends, being in the heat of battle, and injuries.

Chris kept everything bottled in, thinking no one could see what was happening but…

We could clearly see how detached and numb he was.

We saw how he was coping, and the impact it had on him and his family.

And when we offered him help, he would deny that he had any problems. And then talk about everything and everyone that wronged him.

He isn’t the first veteran to think like this and won’t be the last.

I understood what was going on with my brother.

I had walked the same path.

I understood how hard it is to…

  • Get out of the service.

  • Have PTSD, depression, anxiety, and brain trauma.

  • Gain weight after always being physically fit.

  • Be haunted by past injuries.

  • Find your place in the civilian world.

Maybe you can relate?

My Brother’s Girlfriend Walking Out On Him Without Warning Was The Final Nail In The Coffin.

Now he was left alone to raise two little boys… and he struggled to breathe after walking up the stairs with his cane.

He reached his breaking point.

Something needed to change ASAP!

This wasn’t the first time he tried to change for the better.

He failed countless times with personal trainers, fitness apps, and boot camps. And when he quit, he used food, prescription drugs and alcohol to cope with his emotions.

Plus, the things he tried took the one-size-fits-all approach.

They didn’t take into account the past physical, and psychological trauma he had, which set him up for failure.

He’d start to make some progress, and then get hurt.

Which would then put him out of commission. Leaving him to sit in his self-pity and defeat.

It doesn’t take a genius to see how this can destroy a man’s confidence.

Chris wanted to be healthy again… and be the father his sons needed him to be but...

Didn’t know where to start after failing so many times.

Seeing how he wasn’t getting the customized training, nutrition plans, and support, I offered him a helping hand.

So he could get out of the rut he was in, and wake up the warrior inside of him.

To help him do this, I put together a 30-day challenge.


This 30-day challenge had everything he needed...

  • We designed workouts that had him sweat but also not reactivate past injuries.

  • Customized meals plans. Made with REAL food to help him feel full and not starve himself.

  • Personalized support when things got tough. (A.K.A held accountable with some tough love.)

It was tough, and we faced a few setbacks along the way, but we adapted his workouts, and meals to keep him on track.

And in just 30-days…

Chris was able to kickstart the lifestyle change he needed to turn his life around.

So he could feel like his old self again… and have the energy to be the father his sons deserved.

Now, he is 190 lbs. and he’s never been happier.

His Two Sons Call Him Their Hero…

He’s eating healthy and is cooking food with his sons that they can all enjoy.

He told me that doing this felt like he was making up for lost time… and is being the dad he wished he had.

Seeing Chris’s transformation is nothing short of amazing.

In my experience, if someone has a problem, most likely thousands of others have the same one.

With this in mind, I created the Agoge 30-Day Challenge to help veterans, first responders, cops, firefighters, dads, and moms quickly kick start their fitness goals so…

They can get out of the rut they’re in and reach their full potential.

And here’s some great news for you…

We’re doing another Agoge 30-day Challenge to help people like YOU quickly kickstart their 2023 fitness goals… and be in the running to win big!



"I signed up for the Agoge 30 Day Challenge. And here’s where I stand today because of it. Nick & Josh are both Marine Raiders, and I think that’s what it actually took to kick me in gear… go to what I know, right? Marine Corps is what I speak.. and I needed that accountability, that push and drive they have to get me to my “Why”. They do ALL the work for you, give you your macros, your workouts (home & gym) based, and tell you exactly what to eat!! The best part for me is the accountability. These guys aren’t letting you slip through the cracks. I can promise you that. But, it’s on YOU to show up. It’s on YOU to put the work in. I can’t recommend it enough, but most importantly; you have to find your “Why”… why are you wanting to make this lifestyle change? It’s on you, make the change - I promise you won’t look back. I know many of you have asked what I’ve been up to, this is it. No pill, no drink, no jazzercise tv workouts, no intermittent fasting, no shakes… just work. Put in the work. Never quit. Never Surrender. Always Forward " Maria H.

Here’s The Catch With The Agoge 30-Day Challenge And Fitness Stimulus Package...

We'll be offering a portion of the proceeds directly to The Raider Project.

Now, if you don't know anything about The Raider Project, here's what you need to know:

The Raider Project connects MARSOC/USMC Combat Veterans with other veterans to help them transition smoothly, peacefully, and successfully into the private sector.

The program does a whole lot of good for veterans and their families. It helps them transition, have a balanced life, and healthier relationships.

The truth is...

This is one of the main reasons why we’re doing the Agoge 30-Day Challenge and Fitness Stimulus Package.

So not only are you going to wake up the warrior inside of you, and crush your fitness goals...

You're also helping MARSOC/USMC Combat Veterans.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, no worries.

But, please do this for me…

Take A Moment And Imagine...

No longer feeling like a caged prisoner to bad habits. Like bad sleep, alcohol, and fast food.

Imagine reigniting the fire under your ass to go after your goals you've been putting off for god knows how long.

Imagine having more energy than you had 10 years ago so...

You can play with your kids...

Take your spouse on dates as if you just started dating again...

Or how to live a long and healthy life without ever being a burden to your family.

The Agoge 30-Day Challenge can help you with this.

Plus, we’ll be giving away cash prizes with our Fitness Stimulus Package.

The Agoge 30-Day Challenge Features Our Training And Coaching App

Whether you’re looking to lean out, build muscle, or both!

Everything we offer in this challenge is customized to fit YOU AND YOUR specific fitness and nutrition needs.

This ENTIRE challenge will take place in the palm of your hand.

You’ll download our Agoge app, and you’ll instantly start your fitness journey.

Over the next month, you will challenge yourself both physically and emotionally to achieve the results you want.

We’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Why You Should NOT Join Our Agoge 30-Day Challenge…

If you're still on the fence about our challenge, let me make it easier for you to decide.

Here are a few reasons you should NOT get these programs...

You're already in the best shape of your life, both physically and mentally.

You don't feel like a caged prisoner to bad habits.

You're happy and living your best life even after looking at yourself butt naked in the mirror.

If any of those 3 reasons describe you, then I suggest you don't join the Agoge 30-Day Challenge.


If you'd like your kids to see you as their hero...

Or you'd like to have your spouse look at you the way they used to when you first started dating...

Or you'd simply like to feel more confident, happier, and healthier.

AND get a piece of our Fitness Stimulus Package that’s giving away over $1,7500.00 in cash prizes...

Then the Agoge 30-Day Challenge is what you need.

Don't take my word for it. Look at what past challengers are saying...

"If you work, THIS works... This challenge is no joke. But it is set up so all you need to do is get the work done. Nick and Josh take care of setting you up with diet and menu recommendations and of course, the workouts. You supply the work. If you do, you will see amazing results. I ended up losing 20+ pounds, resulting in my being removed from b/p meds. I move better, I fRead more about review stating If you work, THIS works...eel better. Can't say much about the looks... but that's genetics. Lol

Take the challenge, put in the work, keep moving. The results, the knowledge, the tools given to you... these are worth it."

"Great all around program... Great features including printable PDFs for your diet and workouts. The chat feature allows your coach to touch base without any difficulty. The app is easy to use."

"Great progress for work outs and eating healthy... So far the first week was great. My pants are one belt size smaller. This is great progress and I look forward to the workouts and healthy eating. This program really focuses on nutrition and working out. The balance is great and I feel much better already."

"Here's the deal if you are not going to push yourself go back to what you were doing. This program works! But it's just as much about self accountability each day as it is about the trainers coaching you through. Its work but if your willing to work you will never go back except to reflect on the progress you've made! I recommend Agoge training to any individual physically able to keep up with the program and hands down definitely recommend doing the 30 day challenge. I lost 17 lbs and 5 percent body fat and have now stayed on as a client and continue to make progress each week at check ins. Even if it's small it's still a step forward. Always forward! Email the Agoge team today to invest in yourself NOW!!!"

"Invest in your future... People buy things all the time but they rarely buy things that will help change their lives. This program allows you to build accountability and loose weight. I'm only 2 weeks in but it's still considered the best investment brought in 2021. The next investment will be buying new clothes that fit when the weight loss goal is achieved."

"I was that person..... oh I don’t do lunges or pull ups or burpees. Well at the end of 30 days I can do a set or 4 and I’m improving daily. The coaches and group provide accountability and a clear cut plan which made me want to succeed and drop all excuses."

"I thought it was awesome and it gave me that push I needed to get the momentum I needed again!! I was hoping to save the workouts we were given, but they disappeared on me one morning shortly after the challenge was over. If there is any way to continue with those, please let me know, they worked very well for me. Thank you!!!"

Getting Results Like The Ones Above Is Almost Effortless When Following The Four Agoge Pillars

Being fit isn’t about having washboard abs or the body of a Victoria Secret model. Those are great to a point.

The thing about fitness is that it helps you become physically, mentally, and emotionally strong.

We have members who have taken their fitness and applied to their careers.

They’re being more assertive, crushing project deadlines, and taking charge of meetings.

We use fitness to empower you to become antifragile.

Discipline is your white-hot knife that cuts through every excuse imaginable.

And we help you build unbreakable discipline with accountability.

We know it’s going to be challenging, which is why it’s called a challenge.

We’ll be in your corner rooting for you… and if you’re slacking, we’ll give you a swift kick in the pants to get after your goals.

Beliefs determine how we live our lives.

It’s the beliefs around the day that make it a struggle to get out of bed in the morning…

It’s the beliefs around food that make it an internal battle to eat food that nourishes our bodies.

It’s the beliefs about ourselves that cause us to give up on our goals.

In the Agoge 30-Day Challenge, we’ll help you reprogram your beliefs, so you can catapult yourself forward in life.

Our community is called the Agoge Tribe.

We have a tribe that is like a family but without the toxic relationships and childhood trauma.

We only spread positivity, and if you fall off the wagon, we’ll be there to support you. So you can be the best person you can be.


This 30-Day Challenge will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. The time is now to take back control of your physical fitness and nutrition. Avoid packing on the pounds.

Here is what you will get when you join the challenge:

Here is what you will get when you join the challenge:

  • Access The Agoge Training and Coaching APP ($197 value)

  • 30 Day Customized Meal Plan ($97 value)

  • 30 Days of Healthy Recipes ($29 value)

  • Personalized Macronutrient Breakdown ($97 value)

  •  Flexible Nutrition Option Planning Even If You’re Keto, Vegan, Etc. ($47 value)

  • 30 Days Home or Gym Based Training Program ($197 value)

  • Full Access to Exercise Video Content Library ($149 value)

  • Weight and Body Metric Progress Tracker ($19 value)

  • Private FB Community Group Access (Priceless)

  • Live Feeds with Josh & Nick Weekly ($199 value)

    *Minimal Equipment Necessary for Workouts

Everything you’re getting inside the 30-day challenge has a value of $1,031.

Past challengers said the Agoge Challenge was well worth the investment… and were willing to pay more to do the challenge again.

Now with everything that’s going on…

You won’t pay $1,031.

You won’t even pay $497.

Or $297.

Only for today, you’ll get access to the Agoge 30-day Challenge for 70% OFF.

That means you’ll only pay $99.

We’re only allowing 50 people to join… and spots fill up fast!

This means today only 23 people can join the Agoge 30-Day Challenge for 70% OFF!

After this month, we’ll double the price.

The Agoge 30-Day Challenge starts on March 1, 2023.

After the 1st of March, we’ll be closing down the doors to the challenge. Or when all spots are filled.

The Agoge Challenger Guarantee

If you commit to completing the 30-day challenge, and follow what we say, and don’t lose weight, or feel healthier, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Here’s the thing about the Agoge Challenger Guarantee…

If you quit or think you’ll quit, don’t sign up.

You won’t get your money back.

Why? Because you’re not committed to your goals.

This may sound harsh to any snowflake, yet it’s with this policy we’re able to deliver life-changing results.

Look at what our committed challengers were able to accomplish:

Here’s What You Need To Do Next

If you want the Agoge 30-Day Challenge to help you...

  • Overcome and conquer your past health and fitness failures and shortcomings so you can live a happier and healthier life...

  • Have more energy to play with your kids, and be the parent you know they deserve...

  • Be healthy and strong both mentally and physically so you can feel alive again...

Then click the button that says “Sign Up Now” to instantly join the Agoge 30-Day Challenge.

Change Your Life... And Be In The Running to WIN BIG!!

Prize pot value of ~$1750!

1st Place Winner: $1,000.00

2nd Place Winner: $500.00

3rd Place Winner: $250.00




NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) Facilitators

Nick Koumalatsos

(1982-Present) was born in Hollywood, Florida, to a Greek father and a Gypsy mother, grew up traveling the United States until settling down for High School in Panama City, Florida. Nick then joined the Marine Corps in 2000 and ended up spending 12 years deploying around the globe supporting the war on terror. He served with 2D Force Reconnaissance, 3rd Reconnaissance Bn, and as a Marine Raider with 2D Raider Bn, Marine Special Operations Command. 

Nick now is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, producer, and father of two beautiful women. He and Miss Capra spend their time traveling the globe making videos and telling the stories of the present and past.

Josh Honsberger

Josh Honsberger spent the majority of his adult life, 13 years, serving in the Marine Corps. He was an Infantryman, Instructor, Developer, and a Marine Raider. Josh has served his country in the Global War on Terror (OIF & OEF), performed Humanitarian Missions, and ventured the globe alike. Medically retired in 2014 after a traumatic parachuting incident set him on a new path in life where he strives to assist others in becoming the highest functioning individuals they can become in all aspects of life; Physically, mentally, and within themselves. 

He currently resides on the Big Island of Hawaii with his beautiful wife, Hannah, and two young daughters.

Gerry Fredo

Two years ago when I set out on a path to forge a new me, a better me, I never dreamed this would have been one of my accomplishments along the way. Being a certified personal trainer, fitness coach, and nutrionist was never on my radar. Thanks to Josh Honsberger and Nick Koumalatsos for inspiring me to work every day to be better, kicking my ass when needed, and most importantly instilling in me to hold myself accountable and to a higher standard than anyone else could. 

Thanks to Lori Feczer-Fredo for always having my six, believing in me and supporting me on this quest. Looking forward to the opportunity to help others be the best versions of themselves.

David Shouldice

David Shouldice spent 14 years in the US Navy. He was a Boatswains Mate Chief, Rescue Swimmer, and Instructor with multiple platforms and developments with various mission sets. While serving his country he discovered his best form of communication was through fitness. “My passion is helping others get where they want to go when they don’t quite know how to get there.” -Dave S. He played college football and has competed in strongman, highland games, and triathlon races.

David is in the process of completing his MS in Human Performance, (Strength and Conditioning) at liberty University. He resides in Towson, MD with his beautiful bride Karina and two amazing children, Elvis and Alexis!

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