The Ultimate Training & Fat Loss Program For Men Designed By a Team Of Marine Raiders To Help You Get Lean and Jacked.

We’ve developed a fitness system for men that not only makes you lean and athletic, but also reprograms your mind to become unstoppable in every way! 

Watch the video below if you're tired of being out of shape and accepting less than you deserve from life.

These Are Real Results From Agoge Members:

Why Is It So Hard to Lose Weight Permanently and Have an Athletic Body?


After working with over 2000+ men and helping them permanently lose weight and have an athletic body at any age, I've discovered the one thing that stops men from achieving their goals.

When we set a new goal or want to accomplish anything new, our brain rewards us more as we get closer to it, and that’s a good thing. 

This reward we get is called dopamine. Also known as the feel-good chemical in your brain. It's what rewards us for moving towards money, sex, power, and our fitness goals.

Now, what keeps us sane and not running around like animals is this molecule called nociceptin. Nociceptin suppresses dopamine.

In other words, it's anti-dopamine.

This anti-dopamine gives us the "give up" sensation we feel creeping in after we start a journey towards a goal and hit the inevitable roadblock…

…I say inevitable because while your brain wants the change, in truth change is scary for most people so they'd rather stay fat, out of shape and comfortable.

This is triggered when we feel like our goal is too far out of reach - and that’s why you want to give up, self sabotage and go back to being your old out of shape self. 

Dopamine is what gets us motivated and nociceptin is what causes us to lose motivation.

Nociceptin is like a loaded gun... and the thing that fires it is fear of change or any kind of life issue that sets you back into your old patterns. 

This “Fail Trigger” Could Be Anything. Like:

  • A fight with your spouse.
  • A stressful day at work.
  • You eat the one thing you promised you wouldn't eat again.
  • Your dog has an accident in the house.
  • Too much drinking with your buddies. 

The list could go on and on.

This Fail Trigger is Little Life Events That Derail Us Off Our Path to Greatness.

And when this happens, nociceptin is fired off because our brain gets overwhelmed and stressed out.

And then the sensation of giving up creeps in and it’s usually followed up by self sabotaging behavior. 

This is the real reason why it's hard to lose weight permanently or achieve any real meaningful goal in life for most people. 

But I've figured out a way to completely break that self-destructive cycle.


To learn and understand the agoge training method and how we turn men into true baddasses - book a meeting with my team of marine raiders now and we’ll tell you you can use the same mindset activation system to win in your fitness goals just like we used it to win in battles against terrorists.

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