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After working with over 1,253 people to permanently lose weight and have an athletic body at any age, I've discovered the one thing that stops men from achieving their goals.

Before I tell you what the Mayday Trigger is, you must know how your brain works first.

When we set a new goal or want to accomplish anything new, our brain rewards us more as we get closer to it.

This reward we get is called dopamine. Also known as the feel-good hormone. It's what rewards us for moving towards money, sex, power, and our fitness goals.

Now, what keeps us sane and not running around like animals is this molecule called nociceptin. Nociceptin suppresses dopamine.1

In other words, it's anti-dopamine.

This anti-dopamine gives us the "give up" sensation we feel creeping in after we start a journey towards a goal and hit a roadblock...

Which then causes us to give up when we feel like our goal is too far out of reach.

Dopamine is what gets us motivated and nociceptin is what causes us to lose motivation.

Nociceptin is like a loaded gun... and the thing that fires it... is the Mayday Trigger.

And the Mayday Trigger is what causes us to not follow through.

I'm sure you’ve experienced the Mayday Trigger before.


  • A fight with your spouse.
  • A stressful day at work.
  • You eat the one thing you promised you wouldn't eat again.
  • Your dog has an accident in the house.

The list could go on and on.

The Mayday Trigger happens when *you know what* hits the fan, and your day, routine, and habits are tossed to the wind, and you go back to your old habits.

The Mayday Trigger is little life events that derail us off our path to greatness. 

And when this happens, nociceptin is fired off because our brain thinks our goal is now out of reach.

And then the sensation of giving up creeps in.

Which then causes us to realize we don't have enough of whatever it takes to get there… and we give up and accept defeat.

This is the real reason why it's hard to lose weight permanently, and have an athletic body at any age.

But I've figured out a way to completely break that self-destructive cycle.

How Do We Get Rid Of The Mayday Trigger?

We use a 2,500-year-old method the Spartans from ancient Greece used to create some of the most respected and deadliest men in history.



Well, it originates from ancient Sparta.

The Agoge was the training camp that created the Spartan warriors Hollywood makes blockbuster movies about.

It was the training ground where men train to become better, antifragile, deadlier, athletic, and more successful.

This concept really resonated with me because of my military background in special operations as a Marine Raider.

So taking that concept of taking someone...

A person who is not the best version of themselves (yet) and putting them into a system to make them as strong, fit, and athletic as they can be.

We do that with the Agoge Pillars





Fitness is the first pillar because it's the most crucial and foundation aspect of a human being.

Your body is a physical representation of who you are.

If you are not fit, whether that's in body, mind, or spirit, or if you're lacking in one of those three, you're not going to be in unity within yourself.

You need to constantly be crafting and fine-tuning yourself as a fit individual.

Fit in the physical plane, that's in the gym, that's outdoor during activities.

Fit in the mental plane, educating yourself, reading books, meditating.

What happens when we're physically fit?

Everything is optimized.

If our health, diet, brain, and energy are optimized, then what happens next?

Then we're doing good in business... we have better relationships... we make more money... we're able to provide more.

But none of that is possible without starting on the first pillar, fitness.

And how you take care of that is with step one.

Step one is taking ownership of where you're at in your physical fitness, both in your mind, body, and spirit... and correcting it.

Once you've got that squared away, it's time to move onto the next Agoge pillar.

There are many definitions of discipline. Here's mine:

Discipline comes from creating consistency in your life.

Don't get discipline confused with motivation.

Let me explain.

We've all been motivated to do something before and lost the "motivation" to do it. Motivation comes and goes.

We're not always motivated, but discipline and consistency is what moves the needle when we want to accomplish something in this thing we call life.

And that's where a lot of people end up falling short.

There's no consistency in the routine, their lives, and discipline.

If you have discipline, you're going to be consistent.

If you are consistent, that's going to create a disciplined approach to your life for you to achieve your objectives.

After you start working on your fitness and being consistent with creating discipline, then you can move onto the next pillar.

Belief is a powerful thing.

You have to believe in yourself.

You have to believe that you can lose weight, get fit and keep it. Maybe in the past, that has been difficult for you, but with the right coach and coaching experience, you WILL reach and maintain your goals.

Once we can get you physically fit... develop unbreakable disciplined… and strengthen your self-belief…

You can now take care of the most important pillar…

This pillar helps men go from Dad Bod to Father Figure.

Whether it be your family tribe, work tribe, or military tribe…

They are your "why". The reason why you get up and live a purpose-driven life.

We're designed to be leaders, providers, and protectors… and if we're aligned with that, we become lost and insecure without a purpose.

Right now, you're laser-focused on what you have to do and who you have to provide for, and the reason why you're doing it because the tribe is the most important thing.

Because no matter, after everything else fades away...

After you've accomplished all your goals...

After you've made a million dollars...

After you're big, strong, jacked, and tan, as we used to say, the only thing that is left is that tribe.

Look at what others have done using the Agoge Training Method:

“Finished the cut at 239.4 lbs and wanted to thank you for all your help. 30lbs makes a huge different in looks and feel! I appreciate all the help and was wondering if you had any advice where to go from here. Would love to get down around 15-20 lbs more. Thanks again”

“Nick, thank YOU! I’m grateful for your leadership and for the opportunity to take part in this. Your guidance along with the tools like MyFitness Pal, have really opened my eyes on how to create great nutrition habits and how to remain focused and accountable. I definitely plan to keep my efforts going and continue to improve with this system. Also I want to thank the group – while goals differed here and there, positivity and goal oriented mindsets where universal with this team. Thank you guys! Motivating! Nick, curious to know what you have in store next? Would love to keep the momentum going and take part in anything else you have coming down the pike.”

“Your coaching, tips and constant fine adjustments made me just not lose weight but get in track again on my workouts and even more, I learned how to eat well 👍🏻. Your support is highly appreciated!”


The Agoge Online Training Method. It's an online program specifically designed to help you lose weight permanently, and have an athletic body at any age - even if you don't have access to a gym.


Set a new standard for yourself to show up consistently, and find the balance between work, family time, and maintaining your physical fitness.


  • Weekly exercise plans to get you lean and fit.
  • Weekly meal plans to help you burn fat and stay energized.
  • Detailed guides for all exercises and training programs.
  • Private FB Community access for accountability and support.
  • Progress tracking and direct contact with your coach.

The Agoge Training Method is designed to do two things…

1. Produce Fat Loss Results

We have spent years developing a program that will educate you and take the guesswork out of losing weight.

This is a life-changing experience where you will lose that unhealthy fat and keep it off with this new routine and customized coaching.

2. Increase Muscle Building 

This program is a FULL BODY hypertrophy-based program designed to create new muscle, induce muscle growth and ultimately, increase your strength.

These workouts are SIMPLE, and EFFICIENT, taking approximately 45-60mins to complete.

This program is going to help you lay the foundation for your body and muscles through a combination of:







Light Cardio


Along with traditional

bodybuilding style


Here’s What The Agoge Online Coaching Program Will Do For You...

  • You're going to lose the fat in your love handles and gut.
  • You're going to get more muscular and defined.
  • You're going to get healthier and more active.
  • You're going to have more energy and feel more confident.

Take A Look At An Email Of How Jose Used The Agoge Online Coaching Program To Transform His Entire Family's Future:

It's kind of against our nature to truly discuss how much shit a Marine can accomplish, but.....Since starting to lose weight with Agoge I have:

1. Received a promotion to Director position at work.

2. 50% Raise, no bullshit. Talks of more for February as long as my team continues to perform.

3. $X,XXX Christmas bonus, I work for the fuckin gov, bros?

4. Mad sex with wife again. She has always been hot but I'm like fire again - all day, so there's that.

5. More confidence when I address folk again. I am starting to dominate rooms vs. just being there. I am advocating for myself and my team.

6. K, sorry for the book but it's fuckin exciting to see shit change in a long lost vessel, my body temple!

Jose isn't the only one inside the Agoge Online Coaching Program to have a story like this.

We have folders of stories like this on Google Drive… and we’d like you to be one of them too.

Here's What You Need To Do Next...

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